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We ship using various LTL freight companies depending on the particular order and destination.

For more information, please contact us at 1-800-890-3243

What BTU Capacity Should I Choose?

If you are replacing an existing PTAC it is recommended that you replace it with your current BTU size. BTU sizes are primarily calculated based on the overall square footage of your room. It is always best to undersize rather than oversize to get the best efficiency. The following will give you a rough estimate of the BTU size suggested.

Less Than 200 Square Feet: 7000 BTU

250-350 Square Feet: 9000 BTU

350-500 Square Feet: 12000 BTU

500-700 Square Feet: 15000 BTU

This is only a rough estimate for well insulated standard built structures / dwellings. We will not be held responsible for improperly sized applications. There are too many variables to be able to determine the HVAC capacity for an application using a rough estimate. Please call us to help you size your application.

What PowerCord Type Should I Choose?

It is recommended and usually imperative to replace the existing unit with the same power cord configuration as the original unit utilized. You can also refer to the receptacle to determine your required cord and plug. Please confirm the plug type when you place the order. This is important because we need to be certain your PTAC unit will have the proper cord so that it fits your existing outlet. We have included a diagram below to show you what the plug outlet looks like. 265 Volt models / cords are also available. Please select the receptacle plug type as follows: (see attachment). Please call us with any questions

What is the difference between a standard Heat/Cool model and a Heat Pump?

Our standard non heat pump models offer cooling with electric heat strip. These models are often used in colder climates where the average outside temperature is well below freezing. The premium heat pump models offer cooling with a Heat Pump & back-up electric heat. Heat Pumps are often used in warmer climates where the average outside temperature is above freezing. Heat Pumps are very energy efficient because it transfers heat from the outside into the room instead of using the electric heat, however, all Heat Pump models also include backup emergency electric heat which will kick in when the outside temperature dips below a certain temp (typically freezing) and can no longer be supported by the Heat Pump.

Will a standard PTAC fit my existing wall sleeve?

As long as the outer dimension of your existing wall sleeve is 42" wide by 16" high which is the universal standard size for all PTACs including Friedrich, Carrier, Amana, Trane, LG, Sanyo it will fit your existing wall sleeve without the need of changing the wall sleeve or exterior grille. Please note although the overall dimensions are the same extra insulation may be needed to be installed around the perimeter in some cases.

What types of warranties are provided with the products that we distribute?

GE offers a one (1) year manufacturer warranty parts and labor included. A five (5) year manufacturer warranty is also included on the compressor and sealed refrigerationsystem. Applied Comfort offers a one (1) year manufacturer warranty parts and labor included. They also offer (5) years manufacturer warranty on all parts. A five (5) year manufacturer warranty is also included on the compressor and sealed refrigeration system.

Who do I call when I need service on my PTAC?

Depending on the brand of PTAC you have purchased you may call GE @ (800) GE-CARES (432-2737). If it is any other manufacturer we recommend calling us at (800) 890-3243 so we can guide you in the right direction to get your unit up and running ASAP.

Ok I am ready to order my new PTAC. How will it ship?

We ship all PTAC units via a trucking company. Depending on the quantity that you have ordered, the units may come on a pallet. The trucking compamy will contact you at least 24 hours before delivery to arrange a delivery appointment. Please note all deliveries unless pre-approved are considered "curbside" only and no liftgate or inside delivery will be available. Please allow at least 7 days for delivery unless otherwise indicated. If you do require a lift gate or inside delivery please contact us at (800) 890-3243.

Now hopefully all your questions are answered and you are ready to place your order. If not please feel free to contact us. We offer a easy, safe and secure web checkout system. We accept MasterCard, Visa, AMEX, & PayPal.

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