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Facility Managers

For over 40 years we have worked with owners of businesses such as hotels, motels, resorts,
schools, universities, hospitals, health centers, assisted living facilities, and anywhere that has
a need for a new, quiet and efficient PTAC unit or an exact-fit replacement PTAC unit.

Buy PTAC for assisted living
Buy PTAC for motel
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Nationwide Factory Service

Easy serviceability controls labor costs. Factory service is located in all major metropolitan areas. All non-metro areas are serviced by an extensive customer care network and backed by comprehensive technical support. You won’t experience the same kind of service buying from any other source.

Trust The Professionals

If you can't find what you are looking for on the website, please call us. We have over 40 years of heating and cooling experience.

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Exceptional Efficiency

We sell the most energy-efficient product lines in the industry reduce operating costs, directly impacting your bottom line.

Proven Reliability

Our trusted suppliers have been producing quality products for decades. Exceptional quality ensures reliable performance year after year.


Every manufacturer’s warranty is different but most cover the unit completely for the first year of use. The sealed system of most manufacturers is typically covered from the second through fifth year. Please see the manufacturer’s owner’s manual for specific details.

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We have a wide variety of PTAC Units, Supplies and Parts - if there is something you don't see, please call us at 1-800-890-3234.